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    2. Part one: Introduction; avoiding the topic of death; the funerary rites as a period of transition and mourning; how different cultures view death; the UK as a ‘ghost-ridden society’; death as initiation; helping the dying be comfortable with death.

    3. Part two: Spiritual institutions and religions in helping the end of life; how can we face death with a sense of courage and calmness?; acceptance of dying; William’s experience with a death lodge; losing a loved one; a minute of silence.

    4. Part three: Juliet’s and William’s individual experiences and interests with death; becoming attached to death without knowing about it; poem: On the Green; not talking about death.

    5. Part four: The taboo of how we’re going to die; euphemisms for death; death literacy; making peace with death now; survivor guilt; not denying pain we may feel or attaching to suffering.

    6. Part five: Value in the small moments; acceptance of the darker things; grief as the price paid for love; negative capability; we now spend far less time around death.

    7. Part six: Understanding the reality of death; the Victorians’ view of death; the death rattle; dying and its medicalisation; surrender and peace; saying goodbye and letting them go.

    8. Part seven: Presence and the sacred moment when someone has just died, not rushing; weeping and grieving; being open to different cultural ways of handling death; suicide; poem: I have seen enough of death.

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  • 86 mins
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Juliet Grayson has worked as a psychotherapist since 1991. She specialises in working with couples and sexual problems. As a psychotherapist she is UKCP registered, NLPtCA accredited, COSRT accredited, and a PBSP accredited Trainer.

William Ayot is an award-winning poet, author, teacher and ritualist. Over three decades he has hosted and led, men’s and mixed personal development events and rites of passage. He uses poetry and the arts to teach leadership in boardrooms and business schools around the world, currently teaching on the Advanced Management Programme at INSEAD. William designs and leads bespoke rituals for individuals, and is available for one-to-one coaching online.

Juliet Grayson and William Ayot