Course curriculum

    1. Please read prior to beginning the talk

    2. Part one: Introduction; mysteries and initiation; happiness; not being present in life; poems: The Night Ship and Bitter Sweet.

    3. Part two: Dissociation and presence; a small exercise involving connecting to your body; poem: Present.

    4. Part three: Neuro-linguistic programming perspective and the four perceptual positions - I, you, he/she, we.

    5. Part four: Poem: Bandwidth; the shamanistic lens and different perspectives of looking at the world; explanation of the shadow; the shadow of the 4 different positions.

    6. Part five: Dissociation; poem: Back to the Numbers; the places where you may disconnect from your experience; synesthesia.

    7. Part six: Introversion and extraversion; some questions to consider; poem: Wireless; conclusion and poem: There’s Nothing Like a Good Opening.

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