This talk was given as part of the Ukraine Fundraiser: Emergency Summit Contributing to Global Peace & Justice 2022. The war in Ukraine is horrifying for us all.  Yet, Juliet Grayson, UKCP registered psychosexual therapist, has noticed that some clients are having a disproportionate reaction. These clients often have some experience in their past which is being unconsciously reactivated by the conflict.  This talk focuses on the impact of vicarious trauma, giving examples of how it can be resonating with our personal history – out of our awareness – re-stimulating our fears and anxieties. By helping client’s to see how the present situation links to an aspect of their life story, we can bring greater awareness, which will help to lift the ‘extra load’ off.     

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    Vicarious Trauma: Resonating with our past

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Juliet Grayson

Juliet Grayson is an experienced couples therapist, trainer, facilitator, and coach. Her work has been distilled out of a twenty-five year exploration of the ways in which people limit themselves, both personally and professionally. Having specialised in working with relationship and sexual issues since 1994, she decided to write a book :Landscapes of the Heart: the working world of a sex and relationship therapist, published April 2016. She used to write for the Huffington Post, and has done many radio a few TV appeareances. She designed and, with her team, runs a six module course on How to Work With Couples: for therapists who usually work one to one. She combines her extensive business experience - she ran her own company for fifteen years, and a second company for twenty years - with a profound knowledge of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), PBSP (Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor) and a deep understanding of systemic thinking. Juliet is known in training circles for her warmth, for the thoroughness of her trainings, and for her ability to maintain a sense of fun whilst challenging those behaviours that call for a change. She is a fully qualified psychosexual psychotherapist (UKCP Registgered, NLPtCA Acc and COSRT Acc), and a recognised supervisor (NLPtCA and COSRT) and a PBSP trainer. She has a private practice in Chepstow, South Wales.

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