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    2. Part one: Introduction; ‘New Year’s Eve’; ancestral presence; 'Man to Man'; women and men’s risks: childbirth vs the battlefield; ‘Tears on the Drum’; ‘The Iron Door’.

    3. Part two: Cycles of repitition; solitary confinement; issues that come up working on ourselves; ‘Saturn and Sons’; fathers we meet internally; ‘Counting the Marigolds’; mentor betrayal; a threat to the father; ‘Two Falls, Two Submissions, or a Knockout’.

    4. Part three: ‘Cut Grass and Nicotine’; relationships with our mothers; ‘My Little Man’; ‘The Winner’; William’s experience in the corporate field; ‘An Ode to my Suit’.

    5. Part four: Blue collar workers and the working class - the class system in the UK; ‘Just a Man’; the theme and meaning of Coming Home; ‘Bitter Sweet’; loss of imagination in society; ‘A Doodle on the Edge’.

    6. Part five: The supression of imagination; the emergence of the shadow form; the art of being a man; the more work we do the more we can express ourselves; ‘Anyone Can Sing’; men governed by fear; ‘The Inheritance’; ‘Hidden Personas: An Ecology’.

    7. Part six: GAS (Grief Anger and Shame) work; ‘The Thirteenth Chair’; the work bringing us to a softening, compassion, and tenderness; ‘A Traveller’s Tale; a warmth that exists between men’; ‘A Wing and a Prayer: A Visit to the Nursing Home’.

    8. Part seven: Friendships in men's groups; ‘Imagine: Meeting the Fisher King Again’.

    9. Part eight: Q&A and conclusion.

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  • 90 mins
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