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    2. Part one: Broaching the topic of sex with the client; having a supervisor who is a psychosexual therapist; Juliet’s background.

    3. Part two: Women unable to orgasm during sex; orgasmic threshold and arousal threshold; the psychological impact on a good sex life; arousal and orgasm patterns; clitoris anatomy; unaroused vs aroused female anatomy; two parts of the brain relating to sex.

    4. Part three: Mismatching libidos; equipment and medication to help with erectile dysfunction; looking at underlying psychological issues in sex avoidance; mismatched sexual desire.

    5. Part four: Mismatch in libido; withholding sex; sex drive and sexual desire; understanding sexual history and quality of the sex; helping women who have never orgasmed; men’s ejaculation vs men’s orgasm.

    6. Part five: Lubricants; orgasm strengths; is a sex-less marriage okay? is it okay to ask your client if they masturbate?; what do women get from sex?; loss of libido after an operation, & vaginismus; changes in sexual functioning when ageing.

    7. Part six: A client in mid 70s able to climax during masturbation and unable to climax during sex; learning to be adaptable; taking the focus off orgasm; periods of no intimacy; non genital sensate focus; re-learning touch.

    8. Part seven: Trauma & sexual dysfunction; co-regulation & self-regulation; awareness of triggers; Pesso Boyden; anxiety management & tolerance; shame triggered in adult sexual experiences; working with shame; the cognitive, empathic & symbolic fields.

    9. Part eight: No desire for sex & husband: drive vs desire; antidepressants & the supression of desire; shame around sex having growing up religious; normalising sex & psychoeducation; the Pesso Boyden System; referring to a psychosexual therapist.

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  • 90 mins
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Juliet Grayson is an experienced couples therapist, trainer, facilitator, and coach. Her work has been distilled out of a twenty-five year exploration of the ways in which people limit themselves, both personally and professionally.
Having specialised in working with relationship and sexual issues since 1994, she decided to write a book :Landscapes of the Heart: the working world of a sex and relationship therapist, published April 2016. She used to write for the Huffington Post, and has done many radio a few TV appeareances.

She designed and, with her team, runs a six module course on How to Work With Couples: for therapists who usually work one to one. She combines her extensive business experience - she ran her own company for fifteen years, and a second company for twenty years - with a profound knowledge of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), PBSP (Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor) and a deep understanding of systemic thinking.
Juliet is known in training circles for her warmth, for the thoroughness of her trainings, and for her ability to maintain a sense of fun whilst challenging those behaviours that call for a change.

She is a fully qualified psychosexual psychotherapist (UKCP Registgered, NLPtCA Acc), and a recognised supervisor (NLPtCA ) and a PBSP trainer. She has a private practice in Chepstow, South Wales.

Juliet Grayson