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    2. Part one: Working with the perpetrators and introduction to the talk; toxic shame and the ever-present quality of shame; poem: The Empty room.

    3. Part two: The supervisor and the supervisee; healing requiring a sense of aceptance; guilt vs shame; making it safe for people to come forward and get therapy before perpetrating.

    4. Part three: Lowering your threshold of judgement; not scaring away the client when they open up; poem: Pandemic; reporting and proportionate responses.

    5. Part four: Cultural shunning and shaming; compassion for those coming forward; conclusion.

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    1. Compassion for the Perpetrator resoruces

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  • £5.00
  • 40 mins
  • Downloadable audio
  • CPD certificate


Juliet Grayson has worked as a psychotherapist since 1991. She specialises in working with couples and sexual problems. As a psychotherapist she is UKCP registered, NLPtCA accredited, COSRT accredited, and a PBSP accredited Trainer.

William Ayot is an award-winning poet, author, teacher and ritualist. Over three decades he has hosted and led, men’s and mixed personal development events and rites of passage. He uses poetry and the arts to teach leadership in boardrooms and business schools around the world, currently teaching on the Advanced Management Programme at INSEAD. William designs and leads bespoke rituals for individuals, and is available for one-to-one coaching online.

Juliet Grayson and William Ayot


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