Course curriculum

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    2. Part one: Intention for the seminar; introduction to Al Pesso, Diane Boyden, the Pesso Boyden System, and Dr Lowijs Perquin.

    3. Part two: Definition of a ‘structure’; steps within a structure; rewiring of the mind with the structure; developmental psychology and its basic principles; our unconscious worldview and how it directs our life.

    4. Part three: Self fulfilling prophecy; how I think about the world affects how I approach the world; the left and the right brain; how I approach the world affects how the world responds to me.

    5. Part four: Neurons in the baby’s brain; early stages of a baby’s development through the neuroscience lens.

    6. Part five: development stages continued; various unconscious worldviews.

    7. Part six: The two tribes in developmental psychology: empirical and philosophical; the true self.

    8. Part seven: Exploring the developmental sequence; the five rights/needs of a child coming into the world of others; the goal for each person to express their unique self in the world of others; devices in the Pesso Boyden structure.

    9. Part eight: The real client session.

    10. Part nine: Q&A and conclusion.

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