The 7 talks consist of over 9 hours of recordings

You are purchasing the full Exploring Shame series 

1) The Hidden Face of Shame 

2) The Engine of Shame

3) Shame, Trauma and Abuse

4) Shame & Relationships

5) Shame & Betrayal

6) Treating Shame: Tools and Techniques

7) Questions & Answers About Shame

What marks this course out?

  • William and Juliet bring the human element, sharing personal stories and examples that bring the topic of shame to life
  • The course starts now and never ends 

  • You decide how quickly you watch each talk

  • You choose when to access the next talk in the series

  • You have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like

  • The ideas and words of wisdom from this course will help you to understand shame in a way that you never have before

  • And that will allow you to change certain aspects of your life and empower you in new ways

  • It's all delivered in an accessible easy format, that everyone can understand

  • William and Juliet make it easy to listen to

  • If you want support, there is a forum through online events for people interested in William and Juliet's work

  • To join the forum sign up at  and search for the group called Juliet Grayson and WIlliam Ayot. 

Access to the talks

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    All 7 talks are now available

    • This is how you access the talks: please read these instructions, and get the 'coupon code'

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