Podcast with William Ayot

In this episode, William and Dr. Jessica Higgins discuss how to co-create rewarding, lasting relationships; how rituals can be transformative for both individuals and couples; knowing a person’s spirituality before creating or prescribing a ritual for them is important; how rituals are a way of creating an image to send a message to the soul; why we are cutting off from a deep and profound part of ourselves by disregarding ritual in our life; why we are giving our partner a gift when we use ritual in our lives; what William encourages us to do to feel more connected in the world; how to conduct rituals safely with the intended best effect; the five basic stages of a ritual and the importance of closing the ritual down before leaving; why ritual is as important for men as it is for women.

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    How to deepen your connection through the power of ritual.

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William Ayot

William Ayot is an award-winning poet, author, teacher and ritualist. Over three decades, he has organized, hosted, facilitated and led, men’s and mixed personal development events and rites of passage, working in rehab, correctional, personal development and organizational contexts. He uses poetry and the arts to teach leadership in boardrooms and business schools around the world, currently teaching on the Advanced Management Programme at INSEAD. William also designs and leads bespoke rituals for individuals and groups in his purpose-built ritual garden in Monmouthshire, Wales. Writing includes the play, Bengal Lancer, three collections of poetry, and a prose book on ritual. He is currently writing a book for and about men in a time of epochal change. William leads personal rituals for people in person, designs rituals for people from all over the world, and is available for one-to-one coaching online.

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