The scale of child sexual abuse

In the image above, each pinwheel represents a new child who will be sexually abused in the UK today

This is based on the police recorded statistics of 73,518 police recorded sexual offences against children in the UK, including rape, online grooming, and sexual assault, in 2019/20.  The children's commissioner said that only one in eight cases of sexual abuse of children gets reported to the police.   So multiply 73,518 x 8  and then divide by 365.  NB there are 1440 minutes in a day.  So this is more than one child per minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  And each of these are NEW cases. 

If you add in adults it is 3.4 people per minute who are sexually abused in the UK.


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter #1

    • Introduction to the topic including the scale of the problem of child sexual abuse: 10 mins

    • CSA Part 2: Summary of the 10 topics to attend to (according to PBSP): 8 mins

    • CSA Part 3: Four of the topics: 8 mins

    • CSA Part 4: Film illustrating control, protection, fear and terror, grief and sadness: 12 mins

    • CSA Part 5: Accessing the fear and terror will help him reduce responses to his history that have been locked in the body: 6 mins

    • CSA 6: Film showing expression of hatred: 14 mins

    • CSA 7: Four more topics: 10 mins

    • CSA 8: The antidote phase including film: 7 mins

    • CSA 9: Film with an Ideal Father who wouldn't have left - and the client testing this: 9 mins

    • CSA 10: Wrapping up, where to go to find out more, a short grounding exercise, a poem to close: 12 mins

    • Please give feedback. Juliet reads it all. And a CPD Certificate of Completion will be sent to you by email once this is done

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    Next steps

    • Other talks about PBSP and examples of client work

What people say about this webinar on Child Sexual Abuse and Pesso Boyden Approach

The videos really brought it to life


Absolutely loved seeing the videos - exactly the kind of therapy I feel is needed for so many

The body really does keep the score


This has been fantastic….really insightful and want to explore more about body work as the body really holds score. Thank you.

No talk therapy could reach these depths


I found this very useful and good. Your talk has made me think at a different level. No talk therapy could reach these depths. So I am very interested to know more.

Such a powerful poem, highlighting the abuser's manipulation


That first poem, The Medical Room, really blew me away. Imagine being told you are a liar and made to stand on a chair in the dining room - whilst other children eat. When in fact that is just a way of the teacher who was an abuser making sure your accusations will never be taken seriously. What a hateful idea!