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    Bessel van der Kolk

    • Bessel van der Kolk talking about PBSP - Pesso Boyden System of Psychotherapy

    • FREE CHAPTER from Bessel van der Kolk's book called The Body Keeps The Score

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    £1.00Pesso Boyden System of Psychotherapy From the Client's Perspective (75 mins) - To watch for free use code: pbsp

    Client John Wilson, and therapist Juliet Grayson watch and discuss the film of his Pesso Boyden session in Sept 2020. This was John's 3rd experience of PBSP which began in July 2019. The discussion happened in January 2021. Watch for free with the code: pbsp
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    FreeHow Pesso Boyden Helps with Attachment: The Trauma Thrivers Podcast

    PBSP helps clients become aware of their own internal maps or blueprints for living. Often, these are formed in our early lives before we have any say in the matter. Strategies that may have helped us in the past can hinder us in the present day
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    £10.00Childhood Sexual Abuse – The Body Keeps The Score. Ten Topics from the Pesso Boyden framework for trauma-informed therapeutic healing.

    The impact of trauma is held in the body - as well as the mind. Thus the healing of child sexual abuse happens most effectively when both mind and body are involved. The body-based therapy Pesso Boyden System of Psychotherapy (PBSP) does this.
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    £1.00Pesso Boyden System of Psychotherapy - Live Therapy Session: £1

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